A Random Story About Me


Hey guys! I am Ahmet Altuntas. Thanks for visiting my webpage..

When I was kid, my dream was to be an astronaut or to be a computer engineer. After I started watching NBA , I wanted to become a NBA basketballer. I played around 7-8 years basketball in different clubs while I was studying for primary, highschool and university years. (Also, played 1 year professional handball).

While I was in highschool, I started listening electronic music and I became a DJ Ahmet Altuntas . Since 11 years, I've played more than 250 events in many countries including the big festivals. I warmed up famous DJ's and singers. I hosted and created many events in clubs and open air such as Halloweens, big concerts, student festivals. Still I love nightlife and clubbing, even I don't have an event, I would love to go out and listen other Dj's.

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Front-End Developer & Entrepreneur

I reached my dream and I became a Computer Engineer. I experienced myself more in Web Technologies. I am giving freelance support to individuals and I also worked in a company (Activate Information Technologies) for 2 years. Check my portfolio under the menu "WORKS".

I have an amazing startup project called Koala, you can check from www.koalaing.com

I finished Entrepreneurship Certificate Courses, Foreign Trade Certificate Courses .

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Volunteer & Life Coach

I was a Youth president for 1 year in HASVAK Gençlik Kolları (I'm active since 3 years) I was an EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer(6 months).
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After I did Erasmus+ programme called EVS (European Voluntary Service), I learned that how to live abroad and I traveled 7 countries in my free time. (12 in total) Now I wanna see more, explore more, learn more. Can't stop the passion for traveling right now, I got the virus. Meeting new people, trying new things, learning by doing is amazing!
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I love talking about men-women relationship, their interactions, self-evolution and social dynamics. I read and wrote more than 6 years about it, I teach about "How can you build self-esteem", "How to get in to an action" etc. and I am mentoring younger generations.

Lets Talk

I love scents, flower and scented products. I am a perfume collector and I wrote about perfumes and their stories (www.parfumdene.com). I love making and tasting cocktails while friends are around me. I love partying of course. I am an amateur salsa dancer.

We could do anything together. Share with me what's in your head. You could be partner with me, you could hire my services, you could be friend to me.

Don't forget to write me. ( Just say Hi! and make me happy :) )

My Email: altuntasch@gmail.com